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Wallana is a village of Tehsil Sadik abad. It is situated on National Highway about 11 kilometers from Sadiq Abad. The village has predominantly been populated by Wallana family. It is one of the ancient villages of the area and hails the history from the BC era.

Majority of the population earns their bread and butter through agriculture. However, educated youth has also prefered to join service in the fields of education, banking, judiciary, navy, social work, engineering and & other industry. The prominent among them are Muhammad Ali Wallana (heading one of the department at Islamia University Bahawalnagar Campus), Jam Muhammad Yar Wallana (District and Session Judge),Sardar Jam AllahYar Wallana MPA (TH) PP 265 , Muhammad Shakeel Wallana (Civil Judge), Abdul Khaliq Wallana (Advocate at Sadiqabad Court), 

'Jam Jalil Ahmed Wallana (s/o: Jam Bux Wallana) Incharge Judiciary Session Court., Muhammad Saleem Wallana (Serving as an Officer in Pakistan Navy and Son of (Late) Muhammad Ismail Wallana who hailed repute in the area and lead his family comprising of six brothers and two sisters). The grand father of Muhammad Saleem Wallana (Jam Ahmed Bukhsh Wallana) was a reputable personality in his era. He used to decide the Wallana Family matters and had always set examples to follow. All the Wallana Family Members used to respect his decisions and orders. Many graduates of Wallana Family has opted for the field of law and are practicing law in tehsil court of Sadiqabad. Amongst them, the most reknowned and famous was, Ijaz Hussain Wallana who practiced law in Lahore High Court. He enjoyed the repute among senior officials and establishment people as well as the respected ones of the society throughout Pakistan. He met an accident and lost his life on 26 September 2010 and it was a great loss of Wallana Family. May Allah bless his soul with eternal peace, aameen.

The Wallana Family' has always played very active role in politics and development of the area. Jam Ahmed Bukhsh Wallana (grand father of Jam Shoukat Ali Wallana and Jam Muhammad Saleem Wallana) and other family members including Jam Allah Bachaya, Jam Allah Wassaya, Jam Haji Sajan, Jam Sardar nick named Jam Nikoo ,Jam Dilawar, Jam Gulsher and others were very active in the social works and remaind as the respected ones. In the realm of sports, name of Dost Muhammad Wallana be always remembered as a Malakhara (Sindhi game) wresteler. Now a days Jam Shoukat Ali Wallana (son of Late Jam Muhammad Ismail Wallana and brother of Muhammad Saleem Wallana under his guidance and advice is helping the needy people of the area. Other include Jam Miskeen Wallana son of Jam Ellahi Bux Wallana and meternal uncle of Jam Shoukat Ali Wallana and Jam Muhammad Saleem Wallana, Iqbal Wallana and Jam Fida Hussain Wallana (sons of Jam Allah Wassaya Wallana), Muhammad Aslam Wallana son of Jam Dilawar Wallana are the citizenz of Wallana.

[[Category:WALLANA] Now Sardar Jam AllahYar Wallana is head of Walana cast