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Volos specializes in "Tsipouradika" (Greek Τσιπουράδικα) (also called "Ouzeri" (Greek Ουζερί)) where ("Tsipouro") (local Greek spirit) is served with a huge variety of tidbits. There are plenty of "tsipouradika" along the waterfront near the port. Cheaper choices can be found in Nea Ionia area.

The choices for eating are Tsipouradika (Τσιπουράδικα or Ουζερί) where seafood is served, Taverns (Ταβέρνα) where mostly meat dishes are served, Restaurants (Εστιατόριο) where Greek dishes can be found (there are Italian and Chinese restaurants also), Psistaries (Ψησταριά) (Grill houses) where the main dish is grilled meat, Fast Food choices are local Souvlatzidika (Οβελιστήριο or Σουβλατζίδικο) where souvlaki is served, and typical fast food chains such as Goody's and Everest.

People in Greece usually eats late in the evening (21:00 - 24:00), during day most Taverns, Psistaries and Restaurants are closed. However, Tsipouradika and Fast Food are open all day long.

Restaurants (Εστιατόριο) and Taverns (Ταβέρνα)Edit


  • Tsardakas (Τσαρδακάς) (Tavern), Kiprou str (Κύπρου)
  • ARIADNE restaurant(ΑΡΙΑΔΝΗ) (Restaurant), Anapavseos str (Αναπαύσεως)

Mid rangeEdit

  • Sogno di Sol (Italian restaurant),Ferron str (Φερρών), Palea district phone +30 2421032690, Italian style pitsas and pasta. (Evening only)


  • La Marimba (Mexican restaurant), Nikotsara str (Νικοτσάρα), phone +30 2421071167, The best mexican restaurant in Greece and one of the best in Europe. Romantic tone, has a wonderful courtyard with a lot of trees. Have to book ahead during peak hours (21:00 - 24:00) (Evening only) They also have a very nice web site:

Tsipouradika (Τσιπουράδικα or Ουζερί)Edit

Most of tsiouradika have a fixed price for tsipouro with tidbit, they price may vary from 3€ - 3,5€ per 25cl, usually it's the same price in every tsipouradiko. The difference in price comes when ordering extra dishes. Tidbit vary from tsipouradiko to tsipouradiko; also, some serve one tidbit per 25cl, while some in the center serve one tidbit per 50cl of tsipouro. Tsipouro cames also as bottled or unbottled in bottles of 25cl, bottled is 0,5€ more expensive but the standard quality may worth it.

  • Volos (Βόλος) (Tsipouradiko), Argonafton str (Αργοναυτών), Seafood. At the waterfront. 25cl tsipouro with tidbit 3€, 25cl bottled tsipouro with tidbit 3,5€, serves 3 tidbits per 4x25cl.

Psistaries (Ψησταριά) (Grill houses)Edit

Psistaries serve mostly meat, salads and fried potatoes. The meat usually is ordered by weight, and the price is per kilo also. One portion is 330g of grilled meat.

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