Explore the Forgotten Parts of Paddington

The district of Paddington in Central London is best known for London Paddington Station. Located in the borough of Westminster this rail transport terminus provides connections for commuters and visitors to a variety of London destinations. For those wanting to get to Heathrow Airport by a cheaper mode of transport then a Paddington Station taxi, then by rail it only takes twenty minutes. Previously existing as a port for freight cargo trains in the 19th and the early 20th century, A Day life in Paddington Station today Paddington provides transport for commuters, tourists and holidaymakers. The station is well known throughout the country and abroad, by many people. Whether or not they have visited here, people know of the station due to the fictional bear Paddington in the series of books by Michael Bond. The adventures of this little Peruvian bear were adapted for television, capturing the hearts of many children and adults. These lovable stories followed the adventures of A Bear Called Paddington (the name of the first story released). It’s worth taking a taxi to Paddington Station just to see the bronze statue of Paddington Bear. Here you can see him kitted out in his floppy hat, duffel coat ans suitcase, just as you would expect.

Once you’ve arrived at Paddington Station, there is a lot more to see and do in the area. It is understandable to not think there is much more to Paddington then the station, but you won’t be disappointed. There are all kinds of bars, restaurants and cafes to try out. Why not jump in a cab from Piccadilly Station and head to one of the many comfortable hotels and guest houses in the area? Feel The Journey in London Minicabs If you are after a more luxurious stay, then you might be spoilt for choice. There is a Hilton hotel, as well as B&B’s that deliver a high standard of accommodation. There are a number of art galleries and museums to visit, if you are a fan of the arts. A short taxi ride away is the Italian Gardens. This beautiful and picturesque outdoors space is definitely worth a visit. The Italianate architecture of the nearby buildings and the regality of the gardens would have you mistake the area for a distance European country. The Italian Garden foundations are breathtaking and it is quite something to have such well maintained and looked after green-land in the heart of the city. Go and experience this charm and appeal for yourself and see.

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