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Tucson flora photographed by Kim Bayne

Welcome to the Old Pueblo Wiki, aka Tucson Wiki, an information database on Tucson, Arizona, USA, which anyone can edit.
In the whole of this Towns, Villages and Cities wiki, we are currently working on 1,086 articles. But the Tucson wiki had 23 all on its own at the date we started merging.
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photographed by Kim M. Bayne


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Pima County: 892,798 (2003 estimate)
City of Tucson: 486,699 (2000 estimate)

(Source: Arizona QuickFacts - U.S. Census Bureau)

Demographics of: TucsonPima County

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Tucson Wiki is a free content source for facts and statistics about the city of Tucson, Arizona and the Greater Tucson metropolitan area.

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