Amanda Republic is a fictional island located in the atlantic ocean south to Greenland. The local people of the island are called Mandanim.

History and demographyEdit

The Mandis clan were the only people living on the island for hundred of years, until a group of 10 german and 2 Czech people (and their families) have been set on a mission as part of the german empire expansion at the mid of the 17th century.

The group has prepared all it needed to survive and develop the new land for at least a year, and it sailed with the beginning of the winter. Amanda island is known for its warm coasts (to oppose the cool hills), in addition, most of the hot tempered amandis people were at home, taking cover from the heavy rains and the cold season, and didn't expect to see the strange new folks invading their land.

On december 15, with the german arrival on Amanda island coast, began the really first fight for the land between the local community and the european emissaries. The battle ended with losts for both sides, but the german ship was half ruined and couldn’t be fixed soon. Only about 40 people had survived the attack (on the foreigner side), and they all went to set a defense camp on the hill, what later became a fortified city. (known today as Grauberg)

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