Seattle, in Washington state, is made up of many districts and neighborhoods, a list of which appears below. Annexation dates follow each name, unless the neighborhood was part of the area of first incorporation.

The following towns were annexed by Seattle from 1905 to 1910:

Future expansionEdit

In April 2004, the City Council voted to defer a decision on Mayor Nickels' proposal that Seattle designate the West Hill and North Highline neighborhoods, part of unincorporated King County, as potential annexation areas (PAAs), for at least a year. Because of the tax revolt that took place in Washington in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the county's budget has been shrinking, and the county has said it is unlikely to be able to maintain adequate levels of funding for urban services in unincorporated areas. The nearby city of Burien, however, has issued a 2004 draft report for its own annexation of all or part of North Highline.

North Highline, which abuts SeaTac, Burien, and Tukwila in addition to Seattle, consists of the Boulevard Park neighborhood and part of White Center. West Hill, which abuts Tukwila and Renton in addition to Seattle, consists of Skyway, Bryn Mawr, Lakeridge, and Earlington. None of the adjacent cities has yet claimed any of these neighborhoods as PAAs.

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