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This page is for describing the different educational systems around the world.

Let others know what the educational system is like where you are. For instance what are the different levels? Who and what percentage of the population usually attends? Is there government funding? Religious funding? What kind of subjects are covered? What are the standard subjects? Are there tests to progress? How much time do students spend in school? What age are the students? Is school compulsary?

New Zealand Schools[]


U.S.A. Schools[]

Most of the regulations and guidelines for schools in the United States are determined at the local level (city or country), sometimes at the state level and rarely at the regional or national level. School attendance is usually compulsary from about age 6 to 16 years old. There is a trend to provide government sponsored education at earlier and later years, and in some cases to require attendance.

Government provided schools are called "public"; personally paid for schools are called "private". In the case of post secondary schools, such as public colleges or university, the cost is subsidized, but students still pay for a substancial portion.


Daycare begins as early as infancy. Nursery or play school is usually for 3 or 4 year olds. Parents pay for daycare and nursery school levels. There are some government programs to provide care for children of parents who need to work and can't afford childcare. Head Start is a famous program designed to assist children who might not receive a good educational beginning due to poverty or other issues.

Kindergarten begins covering academic subjects, but it is still primarily focussed on play. Before moving on, students can usually count, read, write their names, recite nursery rhymes. The most common age for kindergarten is 5 years old.


Elementary or primary school


Junior High or Middle School

High School—Diploma or GRD

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior


College or University Programs—Associates or Bachelor Degrees

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Advance Degrees and Specializations[]

Masters, Ph.D, J.D. ...

Certificate Programs[]


Sunday or Religious School[]

children, adults, not publicly funded, weekday & sabbath

Afterschool Programs[]

for children, sports, music, clubs, scouts, trend toward test prep