Titahi Bay is a pleasant semicircular bay on the north-west coast of the peninsula that extends northwards from Porirua central, west of the Porirua Harbour. It looks straight out to Mana Island.

An unusual feature of the beach is a fossil forest, largely buried. Colourful boatsheds adorn parts of the coast.

To the south-west is Takapuwahia, one of the original Maori settlements.


European settlement began in the early 20th century, adopting the bay name. During World War 2 a United States army camp was located in the middle of the isthmus. Settlement was greatly boosted by the State housing developments of the second half of that century. The portion on the hill to the east became known as Onepoto.

Local government saw a county town established under the Makara County, but when the Porirua Borough was established in 1961 it included Titahi Bay.


Close to the main shopping area is the hall used by the Porirua Little Theatre.

There is an active residents' society.

The golf club is the home ground of golfer Michael Campbell.


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