Collection from householdsEdit

Porirua has had kerbside recycling for several years.

All households received (officially on loan) a black bin, which goes out beside the rubbish bags and is for paper, plastics types 1 and 2, and unbroken glass bottles.

Council (which means ultimately the ratepayers) and the contractor make a profit on the arrangement.

Trash PalaceEdit

Next to the Council's landfill is a resource recovery centre, "Trash Palace", which was the first stop on a nationwide tour by one of the country's Green Party MPs, Nandor Tanczos, in June 2006. His tour was to promote a Waste Minimisation Bill. He called Trash Palace "fantastic", saying it was an example of a community resource creating jobs and a source for low-income families, diverting potential landfill material and making "resource management" work.



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