Ilahiabad is a village, which was named after Haji Ilahi buksh, who was the founder of this village. It was founded in 1900, when it was shifted from Adhuja Village.


Sadiqabad, Punjab (Pakistan) , Pakistan

History of nameEdit

After partition of subcontinent, when chakook system introduced in Pakistan, Ilahiabad was named as CHK/181NP. "NP" shows that this chak is cultivated by non-permanent irrigation system.

Notable peopleEdit

Now Rais Khalil ur Rehman is well known zamindar of this area. Also naib nazim of union council Dhandi. A respectful man of this area, who has made great contribution in the politics of the area and has done loads of social work to sort out the problems of people.

Famous Tarhaily family of Chak 181 np is (late) Alhaj Baratullah,s family well educated n gentel people made loads of contribution in the field of education and economy.

One should also mention Haji Rahmtullah a great teacher of his period. He and his seven sons ontributed greatly to educate the people of this area.


The economy of this village is based on farming and government jobs while some people have well settled businesses.


Mostly residents are Saraike while some Bloch is also settled. main cast Terhaily while bloch, khoker, thoree (non-muslim tribe) are also living here.

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