Huntsville has a rich educational environment. It has more Ph.D. per capita than any "non-university" town (anyone have the reference on this?). (See school systems for the general structure of the educational system in the U.S.A..)

Colleges and UniversitiesEdit

The following is a sub-set of the colleges in Huntsville.

Four Year and Advanced Graduate DegreesEdit

These schools offer Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degrees. They may also have specialty certification programs.

  • UAH (University of Alabama in Huntsville), originally a regional branch of the University of Alabama, now autonomous
  • Alabama A&M University Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU)

Four Year or Bachelor's DegreesEdit

Two Year or Associate's DegreesEdit


  • Alabama Career College
  • Southeastern Institute of Technology
  • Huntsville Hospital School Of Radiologic Tech

High SchoolsEdit

(In rough order of founding)

Public Schools

  • Huntsville High School
  • Lee High School
  • Johnson High School
  • Butler High School
  • Huntsville Center for Technology
  • [[Huntsville:Grissom High School]|Grissom High School]] -- Named after Virgil I. (Gus) Grissom, one of the astronauts who died in a fire in one of the early space capsules.
  • C.I.T.Y.
  • New Century Technology
  • Seldon Center
  • Columbia High School

Private Schools

  • Randolph (private elementary through HS)

Middle SchoolsEdit

For the folks not familiar with the current U.S. educational system. Middle school, between elementary and high school, is generally 6th-8th grade, approximately 11-13 year olds.

Partial list (Note: Many of the school names reflect the close ties of Huntsville with the space program

  • Challenger Middle
  • Chapman Middle
  • Ed White Middle
  • Whitesburg Middle

Elementary SchoolsEdit

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