Huntsville is in a temporate climate. It is at the northern end of Alabama. The summers are hot and humid. It is not unusual to have a week with high temperatures in the 90s (Farenheit) and 90% humidity. Winter tends to be alternating grey, cloudy, rainy weeks with bright blue, cold, clear weeks. It snows occasionally, but usually not enough to stick. Crocuses usually begin blooming in February. Spring is also brings blooming magnolias, dogwoods and redwood trees. Many of the trees in the area are evergreens, so the autumn color, while pretty is not as dramatic as in other areas, such as New England. Plants that require an extended freeze may not grow as well (e.g., apple trees).

Natural DisastersEdit

It is far enough inland from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean that most hurricanes and tropical storms are downgraded to heavy rain and thunderstorms by the time they reach Huntsville.

Tornados are a serious threat in Huntsville.

Huntsville is near the New Madrid fault.

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