Grand Junction lags far behind the rest of the country in ethnic diversity, a factor that unfortunately is reflected in the limited food choices available in this area. The area has been inundated by chain restaurants, so finding dining choices that reflect local character and flavor takes work. In general, the food in this area is unsophisticated and consists mostly of burger-and-fry kind of joints.

Family restaurantsEdit

Grand Junction offers a limited variety of restaurants. Most prevalent are burger places, pubs and steakhouses. There is a large number of Mexican restaurants, mostly offering similar types of fare, like tacos and burritos. There are three Japanese restaurants, a few more Chinese places, and good old fashioned fast food is in the greatest abundance.

Blue Moon Bar & GrilleEdit

The Blue Moon bar and grill is a bar, and believe that dining is an experience. There experiences ranging from art, music, and lighting. Serving lunch to dinner, they only use high quality foods.

Johnny CarinosEdit

Fairly routine, American-version Italian food, heavy on the tomato sauce. Nothing remarkable here beyond huge portions of unremarkable ravioli, lasagna, chicken parmigiana, heaping plates of unremarkable spaghetti and meatballs. As with most restaurants, quantity rather than quality is the key.

Pablo’s PizzaEdit

Pablo's Pizza is the best pizza in Grand Junction. They feature a wide variety of innovative pizzas. They hand toss dough, and even make homemade sauce. They also serve soups, panini sandwiches, and crisp, fresh, creative salads.

Wineries in or near Grand Junction, COEdit

The Grand Valley is a great grape growing region in Colorado because the soil is rich and very well drained. The growing season in the Grand Valley is longer than usual. And in recent years, the Grand Valley has developed a reputation for fine wines. There are also wine festivals, and vineyards open for wine tasting year round. In the more recent years, tourists to the Grand Valley have started to stop in to Grand Junction to taste the culinary delights along with all of the breath taking scenery, drawing in needed revenue and jobs to the Valley as more and more wineries open up and as the popularity of Grand Valley wine increases.

References- Or call 1-800-962-2547 Some wineries located in or near Grand Junction, Co:

  • Amber Ridge Vineyards
  • Canyon Wind Cellars
  • Carlson Vineyards
  • Colorado Cellars Winery
  • Colorado Wine Room
  • Confre Cellars
  • De Beque Canyon Winery
  • Garfield Estates Winery
  • Grande River Vineyards
  • Graystone Winery
  • Meadery of the Rockies
  • Plum Creek Cellars
  • Reeder Mesa Vineyards
  • St. Kathryn Cellars
  • Two Rivers Winery
  • Whitewater Hill Vineyards
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