The Parade of LightsEdit

The parade of lights is basically a bunch of floats with a lot of lights on them, the parade of lights. It is free and goes on for two days. This parade is on December 1 through 2nd. The parade of lights is located on the main street. This year the theme will be White Christmas. This is a very interesting parade because every year there are new floats. Sometimes they never get any new floats, and sometimes they get rid of all the old ones.

Some of the floats are made to represent Jesus and his people, and other floats can represent new products. Some represent new and old stores, they show new ATV’s and new transportation to get around town. There are also a lot of floats that throw candy too. The Parade of lights is a lot of fun. This parade comes once a year. Every year many people get6 to enjoy the parade of lights. It is very cold this time of year because it is around Christmas time. So, you should were a lot of warm cloths. People bring hot chocolate, and hot food. You have to sit around a lot because it lasts forever. People also go around selling glow sticks and other stuff like that, and it is a enjoyable experience for the whole family, You can see many families at the parade of lights enjoying themselves.

Outdoor ActivitiesEdit

  • Eagle Rim Skate Park

Summer CampsEdit

  • Moon Farm
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