Mike the Headless ChickenEdit

September 10/1945 a five and a half month old chicken lost his head to a very sharp metal thing in Fruita, Colorado. Now you might think that this is an impossible story but it really did happen. It was suppose to be a normal day for Clara Olsen and Lloyd Olsen. It was so remarkable that he got the name Mike the Headless Chicken, it is still unclear how the chicken got his name but it might have been some random person thinking it was a funny name, some crazy person. He lived to weigh from 2 1/2 lbs to 8 lbs in the 18 months he lived and became famous before he died. Because of his remarkable story people from all over America paid 25 cents to see the chicken and he was valued at 10,000,00. Mike was in magazines and even T.V. This chicken died with honor and fame. And he always looked like a happy a camper. After 62 years this chicken is still a famous true story, and they even have festivals to honor the story of Mike for being so stupid that he didn't have a head.

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