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Florida is one of the 50 states in the U.S.A.. Located at the south east corner of the country, it is known around the world as a vacation or retirement spot as well as for its citrus crops (see Citrus County and Orange County!), Cape Canaveral, hurricanes, and the Everglades.

Its highest point is all of 105 metres above sea level.

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Florida's 67 counties[]

      County Seat: Gainesville

      County Seat: Macclenny

      County Seat: Panama City

      County Seat: Starke

      County Seat: Titusville

      County Seat: Fort Lauderdale

      County Seat: Blountstown

      County Seat: Punta Gorda

      County Seat: Inverness

      County Seat: Green Cove Springs

      County Seat: Naples

      County Seat: Lake City

Dade County(see Miami-Dade County)

      County Seat: Arcadia

      County Seat: Cross City

      County Seat: Jacksonville

      County Seat: Pensacola

      County Seat: Bunnell

      County Seat: Apalachicola

      County Seat: Quincy

      County Seat: Trenton

      County Seat: Moore Haven

      County Seat: Port St. Joe

      County Seat: Jasper

      County Seat: Wauchula

      County Seat: LaBelle

      County Seat: Brooksville

      County Seat: Sebring

      County Seat: Tampa

      County Seat: Bonifay

      County Seat: Vero Beach

      County Seat: Marianna

      County Seat: Monticello

      County Seat: Mayo

      County Seat: Tavares

      County Seat: Fort Myers

      County Seat: Tallahassee

      County Seat: Bronson

      County Seat: Bristol

      County Seat: Madison

      County Seat: Bradenton

      County Seat: Ocala

      County Seat: Stuart

      County Seat: Miami

      County Seat: Key West

      County Seat: Fernandina Beach

      County Seat: Crestview

      County Seat: Okeechobee

      County Seat: Orlando

      County Seat: Kissimmee

      County Seat: West Palm Beach

      County Seat: Dade City

      County Seat: Clearwater

      County Seat: Bartow

      County Seat: Palatka

      County Seat: St. Augustine

      County Seat: Fort Pierce

      County Seat: Milton

      County Seat: Sarasota

      County Seat: Sanford

      County Seat: Bushnell

      County Seat: Live Oak

      County Seat: Perry

      County Seat: Lake Butler

      County Seat: DeLand

      County Seat: Crawfordville

      County Seat: DeFuniak Springs

      County Seat: Chipley

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