Dundee is the 4th largest city in Scotland. The city has over 1000 Students 2 Shopping Centres 1 Midevel Tower 1 City Concil 1 Old Hotel 3 TESCOS 2 Asdas 1 Morrisoins 1 Sanisburys 6 Premier Inn's 1 Big Unviersety 2 Cathreals 80 Schools 12 High Schools and 2 Sports Centres and 1 Swimming Centre and 1 V&A Museum

The Dundee City ConcilEdit

The Dundee City Concil is a big concil. They will be changing the future in 2012 by new homes and knocking down flats! Dundee has a city centre. The main two shopping centres are The Wellgate Shopping Centre and the Overgate Shopping Centre. The Wellgate has a famous clock called The Wellgate Clock

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