If you wanna get something to eat there is a range of opportunities in and around Dronninglund

Some of these area

  • Dronninglund Slot (Slotsgade 8, Dronninglund) price: a little expensive
  • Dronninglund Hotel (Slotsgade 78, Dronninglund) price: a little exprensive
  • Hotel Hjallerup Kro (Søndergade 1, Hjallerup) price: a little expensive

  • Sason Pizza & Kebabhouse (Slotsgade 56, Dronninglund) price: cheap
  • Botan Pizza & Kebabhouse (Slotsgade 68a, Dronninglund) price: cheap
  • Barbados Pizza (Nørregade 9, Dronninglund) price: cheap
  • Café Ephesus (Hjallerup Centret 9, Hjallerup) price: cheap
  • Roberto's Pizza & Grill (Jernbanegade 1, Hjallerup) price: cheap
  • Grill Caféen (Østergade 7, Hjallerup) price: cheap

  • Dronninglund Kunstcenter's Café (Torup Hedevej 1, Dronninglund) price: cheap

  • Guldbageren (Slotsgade 74, Dronninglund) price: average
  • Hjallerup Bageri (Søndergade 4, Hjallerup) price: average
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