Rising over 2000 feet above the Grand Valley, the Colorado National Monument is an interesting attraction in Grand Junction, Colorado. The National Conservation provides activities for the people that come and visit. It can be located about four miles away from downtown Grand Junction. There is a road that leads to the port of entry. If you wish to camp at this place, then you have to pay. If you don’t have a parks pass, you may not enter unless you pay the fee of four dollars. This National Monument covers a small area with eroded rock. It is a red-rock plateau with a rugged environment. The name of this monument was named after the Colorado River, not the state, Colorado.

--The Colorado National Monument park road is about 23 miles but with a 33 mile loop.There are lots of valleys and rest stops in the monument. The most popular sites that people go to are the Serpents Trail and The Devil’s Kitchen. Pets are allowed on the campground and along the roadway as long as they are on a leash. However, they are not allowed in the backcountry or on any trail. You must contact the Visitor Center before you can bring a horse or anything like that.

Expenses://(Charged for park entrance and camping)

Vehicle (other than a car)-$7


Annual Pass-$20

Nation Parks Pass-$50

Golden Eagle Pass-$65

Golden Age Pass-$10

Saddle horn campground-$10/night


There is absolutely no biking on the monument and all bikes are supposed to be on the permitted roads. You must ride in a single-file line and stay on the right of the road.


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