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Farmers Market in West Malling, England, UK.
Courtesy of Philralph.

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Gold Star communities is a place to share something special or unique about your town, village, or city.

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King Kong from WellingtonEdit

As part of New Zealand's rescue of Hollywood from recession, Peter Jackson has produced another blockbuster, "King Kong", which had its world premiere in New York (where it is set) but soon had its local premiere in Wellington where Jackson is based and where most of the film was made.

Number One city in the EastEdit

In 1998, Manchester, New Hampshire was named the "Number One Small City in the East" (Eastern U.S.) by Money Magazine. Residents still revel in that accolade, and believe we have built success upon success. Since then, we now have a National Hockey League team, the Manchester Monarchs, playing in a brand new Verizon Wireless Arena, and a minor league baseball team, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, playing in a new, riverfront stadium. Manchester's other claim to fame is that it's the home of actor/comedian Adam Sandler. If that doesn't get us a gold star, I don't know what does!

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