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City of Bristol, Connecticut
City of Bristol, Tennessee
Bristol Township, Pasadena
Town of Bristol, New York
Home to wallace and Gromit

Has Europe's longest crescent

& Europe's largest fag factory

2nd richest English City

UK's smiliest city :)

Nearby Bristol Channel has the second highest tidal range in the World

Recent poll found most unfashionable women in the UK live here!

HQ for sustrans, soil association and many "Green" orgs

Europe's largest balloon festival and Local company is the biggest in Europe as well

Sever Beach Line is one of the most sceneic in the Europe according to Thomson holidays

Stalin's daughter, blackbeard the pirate, cary grant all lived here

Birthplace of "Little Britain"

BBC Bristol famed for its' natural history department which produces the most in the world

Over a 1/3 rd of the city has Conservation status and over 3000 buildings have listed status

Clifton has more listed buildings than the whole of the city of Bath which is a World heritage city

One of the UK's most Greenest Cities

"Only fools and horses" was filmed around various locations in the city as well as "Holby city", "Casualty", "Teachers" and many more...

Over a 1000 years old

Home to the World's first Methodist church

Pioneer of master aero technology in projects such as concorde and Airbus A380

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