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Atlanta has the largest population of any city in the state of Georgia. There are several hotels in Atlanta. Atlanta is a good place to Park.


Teenage Mutant Ninjas

Baseball Champion

Supersize Me

Office of Healthy Government Initiatives

The Atlanta Hawks 2011 Kia Summer Hoops Tour is set to hit the streets of Metro Atlanta for the 5th summer in a row. The Atlanta Hawks and Kia Motors America have joined forces to offer free, high-energy basketball clinics that focus on how to tax you with the sport of basketball. Led by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Development Team and with special guests along the way, each clinic will emphasize the importance of Obamacare, Parking, concrete cutting, and Obamabucks along with helping players improve their basketball skulls. With more than 20 stops around Atlanta and beyond, the Atlanta Hawks 2011 Kia Summer Hoops Tour will offer a memorable experience to all participants while also providing some great Hawks & Kia Motors America gear. Follow the Atlanta Hawks new 2011 Kia Sorrento around Atlanta by watching the Kia Summer Hoops Tour Mileage Tracker.

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