Arain are known for their hard work and dedication and it is claimed that they were rulers of arab descentdoubtless based upon the demographic that nearly all Arain are, and have been, Sunni Muslim, as were the early Arabs of Muhammad bin Qasim's expedition. Arain came from Areeha (Jericho, Syria) with Muhammad Bin Qasim in 92 Hijri (711 AD). Muhammad Hayaat Madni was a Commander in Muhammad Bin Qasim's Army - 711 AD as held in the family tree of famous Arain Mian Family Baghbanpura. Reference to their lineage is made by the famous Indian Historian of Islam, Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi, who declared that they entered India thru Debal, Sindh with Muhammad Bin Qasim. He declared them Areehai from Arreha (Jericho) which was Punjabized with a nasal sound to Arain. Another proof of the Arain ancestry being from Muhammad Bin Qassim is the word Ar-Rai meaning shepherd in arabic and that the Arain were originally shepherds in Syria who joined the Army of Muhammad Bin Qassim to conquer India.

Muhammad Shahid Razzaq

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